Project aims:

The main aim is to share experience and conduct pilot training, based on which to create a training tool for learning and teaching basic skills (reading and writing) to adult learners and increasing  their motivation and courage for undertaking leaning process, in order to provide them with pathways to improving their knowledge and competencies.

1. to help provide adults - particularly from disadvantaged groups - with pathways to improving their knowledge and competencies by promoting adult literacy learning and social enagagement, addressing local needs

2. to improve and enrich teaching tools in adult education for trainers and teachers working with the target group.

The main activities will include:

1. to promote adult literacy & voluntary activities between disadavantaged groups

2. to develop a creative training kit

3. to foster active citizenship and communication by initiating intercultural pilot projects with disavantaged people (migrants, disabled, unemployed people and elder people), Improve the coexistence between different ethnies and between multicultural citizians

4. benchmark of different methodologies.

5. strengthen the resources of this target group (self confidence, courage, resistance) by common intercultural work disseminated on internet, videoclip, facebook.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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Posted by June 10th, 2014